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English speaking corporate, mergers and acquisitions, litigation lawyer Istanbul Turkey

Cektir specialises in commercial litigation and enforcement including debt recovery with a special focus of shortened collection timeframe.

Cektir has a specialist litigation team to resolve it – whether it is a Turkish claim, multijurisdictional case, regulatory investigation, employment lawsuit, trademark infringement.
Claims avoidance and alternative dispute resolution are at times preferable to clients and Cektir’s lawyers can assist in achieving this through mediation, adjunction and arbitration.
Should the case progress to court, Cektir will represent the client at hearings before all levels of Turkish courts.
Litigation services include the following, if litigation is the only or desired option:

  • Acting for the plaintiff or defendant
  • Multiparty litigation
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements in Turkey
  • Recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards
  • Bankruptcy & Insolvency proceedings
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Consumer protection & Product liability
  • Antı-trust and competition filings
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Employment disputes

Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements and international arbitral awards in Turkey are speciality areas of Cektir litigation department.

Enforcement services include:

  • Recognition of foreign judgements in matters of debt collection, family law and commercial disputes
  • Enforcement of international awards
  • Coordination with foreign authorities regarding obtainment of the necessary documentation

Cektir specialises in commercial debt recovery and litigation for business and individual clients, focussing on a shortened collection timeframe.

Cektir endeavours to collect debts by sending a lawyer’s letter or by the sending of a payment order from the execution office (similar to a bailiff’s office) out of court.
Specialist services include:

  • Debt collection for all kind of structured/non-structured receivables.
  • Standardized information gathering process enabling the client to spend less time and effort
  • Collecting consumer and corporate debt quickly and efficiently.
  • Debt recovery from entities and individuals
  • Recovering debts in the EU, China and Turkey.
  • Large scale commercial recoveries
  • Outstanding debt matters
  • Issuing creditors' statutory demands for the payment of debts
  • Negotiating commercial resolutions to disputes involving debts
  • Court proceedings including hearings.





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